Friday, December 12, 2008

Kicked to the Curb

I think it's official. Poor Blue's Clues has been kicked to the curb! Can I get a hallelujah?!?
Now we are on to....The Polar Express! Which, yes, that is a little better, but am I gonna have to watch this through the summer? I guess only time will tell.

It won't be long before Bryson wakes up and as soon as I pick him up from his crib he will point to the TV and start saying, "Choo Choo"! As soon as it starts the snow starts falling and he will say, "Ahhh! NOOOO!" He can hardly contain his excitement as the movie leads up to the Polar Express Train coming down the street. He gets so excited! Then when he hears, it he hollars, "Choo Choo! Ah Uh Boyeeeeee!" That is " all aboard" for those of you who are out of practice decifering the language of jibber jabber. And yes, you can get out of practice on that. I learned that teaching the little ones in Bible Class!

If you have never seen the Polar Express you really should watch it this holiday season. It is a cute movie. Every season someone will come and tell me they watched it and say, "Have you seen the Polar Express? There is a kid on there that looks just like Blaine!" And it is true! I think so anyway....even the kid's mannerisms. It is really weird. So if you have it, watch it, and those of you who know Blaine, see if you can tell which character it is!!

I am slowing checking things off my Christmas list. Checked off the birthday party and moved it until after Christmas due to illnesses. I do not want to be responsible for everyone else's kids getting what Brayden has had. I have finished the PJ pants for both boys. Today I will try to get started on Brayden's lazy denim quilt. I have a few other gifts up my sleeves for family that I will propably tell about after Christmas. I don't know if any of them read this or not....

I will get off here now so maybe I can get something done before it is Polar Express time!

I hope everyone has a great, not so busy (who am I is too close to Christmas!) eventful weekend!

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gabgirl said...

i'll give you a HALLELUJAH!!!! :)

i love me some polar express! have to admit, not sure how much i'd love anything from now until june!! my little matty was like that. he had an obsession with "monsters, inc." then, veggietales. drives you nuts in the middle of it, but gives you tremendous warm fuzzies when they're older!! :)

as your posts!


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