Tuesday, January 6, 2009


After reading my comments to my last post, I commented and tried to answer all the questions. Then I decided it was too long and that it should just be a post. So I will try to answer them all.

How do I get so much done in the morning? I get up early because my husband has to leave early and I know if I don't get up and get showered and ready for work then, I won't get to. The morning is about the only time I can do anything....not that I get as much done as I would like. Blaine has been difficult this year when he comes home from school about getting his homework done, so I try to focus on him as much as I can. That is....with an almost 2 year old whining for me after being gone. Thankfully Brayden is good enough to get to the table and get his done without much harping.

Why did I have a baby in December? Let me tell you....I had it ALL planned out when I wanted to get pregnant. I planned around when I would be showing and having to buy maternity clothes, the weather and whether I would be a beached whale in the middle of the summer. So we were gonna try to get pregnant starting AFTER Christmas. I guess God was reminding me that you can't plan everything. When I went to the Dr. they told me my due date was Christmas day! Are you kidding me? And as far as birthday parties in December...I strictly remember telling everyone DO NOT mix his birthday with his Christmas. Until he is older and wants something expensive and he agrees to it ahead of time. I requested that his birthday presents be wrapped in birthday paper and his Christmas presents be wrapped in Christmas paper.

For his first birthday, my then mother-in-law wrapped his birthday paper in Hanukkah paper. When did we become Jewish anyway? I don't know if she did it to get under my skin (she never did care much for me) or if she just really had no idea that the blue paper with the Star of David plastered all over it was not birthday paper.

Does Brayden really notice what other mothers are wearing in the car rider line? I very seriously doubt it. He has never mentioned anything. The only thing he asked for at Christmas was cologne that one of our friends wear. He is a little more into himself right now instead of the mothers. And in case you are wondering what cologne...Very Sexy from Victoria's Secret. What is even funnier than that? He had no idea that is what it was called or that is where it was from. I think if he knew that he wouldn't have asked for it. But it hasn't stopped him from wearing it! I used to take the boys to school in my pj's and then come back home and get ready for work...before Bryson. And I would pray I didn't get hit by one of the morons that can't figure out who should go next at the stop sign and have to get out in my pajamas with everyone watching.

Blaine was telling me about the quilt thing at school. He asked me if he could take some pictures of my quilts to school tomorrow. I told him I would see what I could come up with. I was always crafty as a little one and it turned artsy fartsy in school. I took every art class available at school and couldn't get enough. I wish I was able to do more now but there is not enough time nor space to leave it out and lock out the kids. I even was offered art scholarships but I was dumb and got married instead. We all know where that ended up!

Blaine getting his finger stuck in the seat belt is a pretty lengthy story so I will start working on it for another post. I'm sure you will all get a kick out of it...as most do with anything Blaine does, it seems. He has a knack for that, you know.

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow....at least we can sleep a little later with schools being delayed.



gabgirl said...

baaaahaaaahaaaa...jewish paper is HYSTERICAL! :P i laughed through that entire paragraph! (btw, hope your current mother-in-law thinks you're awesome!)
p.s. looking forward to the story about blaine and the seatbelt!

Joy said...

Thanks for clearing all that up for me :) Hanukkah paper--that's a hoot!
Just please promise, that when I'm in a wreck at that stop sign that you will pick my boys up & take them on to school so they're not too traumatized by me in the middle of the road with my mismatched jammies.

gabgirl said...

joy, that TOTALLY happened to my neighbor. she rear-ended someone right in front of central school and had to stand on ryland pike in her pj's waiting on the cops! her son was MORITFIED(and in 2nd grade)! he hitched a ride with someone else and went onto school. i think about her EVERY time i do it!! ;)

Sara said...

Hahaha! I'm glad I could help. I would hate for you to worry about all that and lose sleep:)

And yes I will pick up your kids and take them to school as I drive off laughing at you in your jammies and Ryan's big shoes!

Toby and Terra said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who insists on no Christmas paper at Livvy's birthday on 12-21. The jewish paper story is too funny...noones ever tried that with me...yet! haha!

BTW, I take Livvy to school in my PJS and slippers or Toby's shoes or whatever's handy to put on (sometimes even barefoot if it's warm out) and I'm always hoping I'm not in a fender bender and have to get out. Livvy would be absolutely mortified. She would probably never allow me near the school again!hahaha!

the rambler said...

i wore tennis shoes this morning to school instead of my usual monkey slippers. i couldn't get this post out of my head! ;)

funny about the jewish paper! my great aunt has had this role of hannukah paper for at least two years now. we all go together to her house to open gifts and my younger cousins nearly have me peeing in my pants they are laughing so hard about it! she is still clueless...


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