Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tile Floors

This weekend we have been working on tile floors in our bathrooms. We have been living with the horrid linoleum that came with the house and have planned on tiling for awhile but other projects have come up. The tile kept getting pushed back but we got one bathroom down. It is drying now and will be ready to grout on Monday. Now if a family of five can survive with one potty.....

It is so cold out here in the South. Even to a Yankee like me. I thought it was a good weekend for tiling considering it was an inside project. But I sure didn't know my poor hubby would have his hands in water cutting the tile. He ended up moving the saw into the garage when the sun went down because the blade kept icing over. He did tell me it would have been easier if it wasn't laid on the diagonal and there would have been less cutting. But it does look good and the room looks bigger. Then when we have that potty back in we can do the master bath. We had to rent the saw so we went ahead and cut the tile for both rooms so we didn't have to pay for two rental days. So I have tile laid out in my bathroom floor over the linoleum until it is ready to go down.

I haven't had much time to work on my quilt the last week. Last night was the first night that we had been home before bed since the Friday night before. Brayden had his last game Thursday night so that should give us a much needed break for a few weeks. That is, until baseball starts. The weather being cold outside makes me want to work on my quilt! But what doesn't, right? Maybe I will be able to work on it some after supper. Speaking of supper, I need to go get started on it. I have chicken in the crock pot for chicken casserole. I think I might also make apple crisp for later this evening. Something about the cold weather makes we want to eat apple crisp and I love to smell it baking! It makes the house smell so good! And considering we are all feeling a little high from smelling the thin set that was used to lay the tile, apple crisp would be a nice change!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Ken Row said...

I don't want to hear about the "cold" down there. We hit -18 early Friday morning.

I'm rejoicing over the 32 degree "heat wave" we're experiencing today.

Maybe now my iced-over windows will start to melt.

gabgirl said...

the tile sounds WONDERFUL!! awesome that your hubby is "handy" like that! :)

5 and only one potty...sounds hairy!! come to think of'll probably be fine seeing that 4 of the 5 are MEN!

good luck!

Sara said...

Wow...that is cold! But you guys are used to it. They don't even sell clothes warm enough here for this. They even delayed some schools here because it was too cold for the kids at the bus stop. I personally thought that was a little silly.
gabgirl...Blaine does prefer to go outside than inside...but I don't know how he will handle the weather! haha!


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