Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Spring!

I can't believe I have neglected my blog for this long! But we have been super busy. A lot of things have happened since the last post so I will try not to drag this out too long.
Once we got everyone well, we celebrated Bryson's second birthday with family and close friends with a Mickey Mouse cake that he picked out himself. His Aunt Aimee got us tickets to the circus for his birthday so we spent the afternoon there. It was really good and the kids had a great time. Bryson only got fidgety for a few minutes but still did really good. Blaine and Brayden took money for cotton candy. And when Blaine has money it burns holes in his pockets so he got cotton candy and popcorn for a grand total of $20.00. But he was really sweet and shared every bit of it with Bryson "cause he doesn't have money yet"!
Then after all the partying we got back to our regular schedule, meaning someone got sick. Stephen ended up with a stomach bug and missed two days of work. He has not missed a day of work since he had his wisdom teeth taken out in 2003. And that was the first time I think he had ever taken a sick day at all! Isn't that crazy?
Baseball practices are in full swing but I have gotten a break from that since this is Spring Break and the older boys are with their dad this week. This is always hard because it is a total of 10 days they are gone. But they are adjusting well and it seems they appreciate being home more when they come back. Bryson has only asked for them a few times so I guess he is adjusting well also.
Baby Roman came last Thursday so I have spent a lot of time showing Bryson pictures of him on the computer. He cries to see him and gets mad when I shut down the computer. He was little bitty but strong and healthy. I wish I could snuggle him and see his feet, but we will have to wait until we can get some time off to go visit. Needless to say, another reason I haven't blogged is because I have been sewing like a crazy woman. In the car rider line, at red lights, when Stephen is driving, early in the morning before the sun comes up and late at night after everyone is in bed. I have sewed so much Bryson will say, " sewin'? Bay-yee Wonan?" I have all the blocks finished and as soon as I can dig out my machine (hopefully when Bryson gets is in the closet off his room) I can get it all pieced together. It is turning out cute...still not sure about the rick rack.
And then there is the garden. Stephen has been working on getting the garden beds ready. Everyone in the family has told Stephen what they want in the garden and he has drawn it out and found room for all of our requests. The boys have agreed to be in charge of certain vegetables and they seem excited. Honestly, I think Bryson's excitement is the only one that will keep going through out the summer, but we will see.
And did I mention today is the first day of spring?!? That means we are closer to warmer weather hanging around and actually getting to plant the garden. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons. Can't say I get excited about summer in the south. The Yankee still comes out in me with the heat and humidity down here.
Well, I am going to wrap it up here. I've got lots to get done here today. I will try to post pictures of the progress on my quilt soon. But I can't show to much because Roman's mommy will read this and it won't be a surprise! I hope everyone has a good first day of spring and a great weekend because I know I probably won't post again before next week!



Joy said...

glad to see you're back :)

miss you @ baseball! are ya'll playing travel ball this time?

Sara said...

Thanks! Blaine is playing for Rusty and Bryden is still playing at the school. Blaine's isn't considered travel, but we do play at different fields. I don't think they will be more than 30 minutes away though. Maybe we will see you up there some. I wanna see this baby cakes!

gabgirl said...

i second joy...missed you~
glad to see you on the weekends, though!
~i LOVE spring~

the rambler said...

i'm STILL sad we missed the circus. :( sounds like a fun way to celebrate a birthday! can't wait to see your quilt pics. glad you're back...don't stay gone so long this time. ;)


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