Friday, March 27, 2009

Toddler Talk 101 #1

Everyone knows that when you have a child that is around two it is like having a child that speaks a different language. Well...that would be, in fact, because they do! We have always called it "jibber jabber". I can't tell you how many two year old Bible classes I have taught and had a child jibber at me shaking their head as if to convince me of something and have no idea what they are saying. Which I in turn reply, "Yes! That is right!" I can remember my mother telling me with Blaine, who spoke jibber jabber the best of any child I have ever heard, that I should probably stop telling him, "Yes! You are!", in case he was asking permission to jump from the highest point of our two story home at the time. Because he would do that. So That is when I changed my response to, "I'm not sure about that!" So I thought I would make a list of some of the words that Bryson is saying that most people have no idea what he is saying or for people that don't get to see him much can get an idea of how much he is changing. I know I won't remember them all because he is talking a lot now...but you will get the idea!


Tee-choo---that would be thank you or tissue

b-ball----that could be several things...basically anything remotely shaped like a you just get to guess which ball he is talking about before he gets completely and totally aggravated with you!




bay Wonan----baby Roman

Mee Mow----Mickey Mouse

Dah-yee tuk----daddy's truck

me me----his Aunt Aimee


Nemo----no, not the fish...that's Elmo


choco meo----chocolate milk

un dat---I want that

So there you have it. Maybe now you can carry on a conversation in jibber jabber if the need arises!



the rambler said...

i miss jibber jabber!! the kids still love to hear their "words" for stuff when they were little. i am having a harder and harder time remembering who said what, though! good for you for writing it down!! ;)

gabgirl said...

me tooooooooooo~
that was absolutely precious! made me wanna pull out my home videos!


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