Sunday, March 29, 2009

Very Strange

Something really weird happened me to today...

We went out to lunch after church at Red Robin. We had already planned to make a quick run to Target after we ate so I ran to the bathroom before we left. I had just drank a lot of water and didn't want to get stuck in Target and have to make a pit stop. I told Stephen I was going to run to the bathroom real quick and jumped up to go. I have never been in the bathroom at Red Robin but that was no big deal.

I get in the restroom. Keep in mind I had to go really bad so I went quickly. I get in the stall to do my business and notice the person next to me is helping a small child. Then I heard the person speak to the small child and the first thing I thought was, "Wow...that woman has a low voice." Then they spoke again a little louder to the child and my next thought was, "Surely a man didn't bring his little girl into the woman's restroom!" Then they walked by my stall and they both have on running shoes.

Then crazy thoughts started rushing through my head.

"Oh my goodness! I am in the men's restroom! Oh no! What do I do? What if they see my shoes? What if they think I am a cross dresser?"

Someone else comes in so I peek under the stall door and check out their shoes. Running shoes again.

Still thinking to myself "I can't come out of my stall now! They will see that I had to go so bad that I accidentally went into the men's restroom! I need to hold my feet up so they can't see my black sling backs that are so obviously female but how without falling into the toilet?" (And besides the fear of accidentally going into a men's restroom, I do have a fear of falling into toilets because trust can happen and that is another blog post for another day!)

Back to thinking to myself, "Oh no. Oh no. What do I do? What do I do? Okay...when these people leave I will skip the hand washing and run for my table and hope no one sees me coming out of the men's restroom! Are you kidding me!?! More people are coming in? Why is everyone having to go all at the same time?" was two woman talking!

Maybe this story will help get your Monday morning off to a good start!

And now I know from now on you will always double check the door before you EVER enter a public restroom!



Ken Row said...

I saw a woman use the men's room on purpose once -- during the intermission of Les Miserables in NYC. There's no way it was a mistake -- both the men's and the women's restrooms had lines, but she either figured out the men's lines go quicker or she was playing some crazy game of Truth-or-Dare! She was wearing a hooded coat with the hood pulled tight over her face, so casual onlookers might not have noticed -- at least until the line started buzzing with "Hey! That was a woman!"

Ken Row said...

What's with the owner approval stuff? Don't you trust me?

Sara said... you mean the fact that I moderate my comments? Yes...I trust you...but I do have an ex that is a creep. Remember? He might find this and leave something I wouldn't want to be on here. Sorry.

Alison said...

Hey there! I like the new layout, it's easier to read. I've been to the men's restroom several times. Twice on purpose and twice by accident. Apparently, the Wal-Mart on University and the Wal-Mart on Madison Blvd have restrooms that are opposite layout. So, oops! The other times? Once, a group of us took over the mens room during the intermission of Gone With The Wind, because there were no men using it at the time and the line for the women's restroom was truly frightening. Each time, I just walked out without saying much. :)

the rambler said...

BAHAAAA!!! Too funny! I wound up in the men's restroom at a fishing rodeo when I was about 10. I think there might've been some permanent scarring. ;)

Ken Row said...

I hadn't thought about the creepy-ex angle. My ex isn't vengeful or creepy. Now my ex's other ex, he's got potential for creepiness (even directed at me), but I don't see him as a computer guy.

I also love the new layout. I usually see your articles in Google Reader, so I miss out on your colors and layout, but I have to admit this current style is much more readable than what was there before.


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