Monday, March 30, 2009

Fifth Grade Humor

Here is a perfect example of why an eleven year old has no business owning a cell phone. My eleven year old, anyways. Brayden left on a charter bus Friday afternoon for a school trip and is on his way home now. A few minutes ago I decided to text him and check on them so I will know when to expect them home. Yes...text. Because isn't it stupid to dial the number and actually talk to someone on a phone when you can take twice as long and type it out? is our conversation. I mean...texting.

Me: Where are you guys?

Brayden: I don't know.

Me: Why don't you ask someone?

Brayden: I did.

Me: You are like talking to a wall.

Brayden: Thank you. least we know he is still alive and that is what is important, right?



Joy said...

too funny! sad thing reminds me of my texting conversations with Ryan :)

the rambler said...

that's cracking me up. i read luke's texts periodically...they are just like that. they all typically say "wuzzup" or some variation of that!

gabgirl said... TOOOOOO~
rusty isn't the greatest at "communication" and he's o-l-d!


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