Monday, April 20, 2009

Where I Am

I am sitting on my patio at my new patio furniture that we bought a couple of weekends ago and enjoying some (finally) nice, sunny weather. It is cool but nice. I am also getting shot at by two little boys, but that is okay. I am just glad the sun is shining! We just finished a 45 minute walk that felt really good. The big boys rode their bikes and Bryson rode in the stroller. I had to make Brayden ride his bike. I politely explained that when he does this it makes baseball a whole lot easier. He didn't like my reasoning but came along anyway. Not that he had a choice.

We have had two busy weeks! We had Lads to Leaders over Easter weekend in Nashville. It is a convention for the kids and there is always a lot of people. They can participate in a number of activities that will help them become leaders in the church. Brayden did speech for the first time this year and puppets for the third year. He did a great job at both. The book this year was the book of Joshua and the theme came from Joshua 1:16 that talked about "what you tell us we will follow and where you send us we will go". And yes, that is paraphrased. Of course, Brayden incorporated playing baseball and how you have to watch for signals so things turn out like they are supposed to. When you don't follow your coaches directions things don't turn out as good. Blaine participated in Bible Bowl. I wish I could say he did a good job but what I should really say is he did a really good job getting by, seeing how getting him to study was like pulling teeth. They answered 40 questions, 2 sets of twenty. After the first twenty they took a break and he came running to me and said, "Mom! I only missed 14!" He is so much like me that is scares me. Luckily the rest of his team did study and they came in third place!

This past weekend we had a small class reunion. And when I say small, I mean 8 people and their families came. It was planned somewhat short notice, which was fine, and seeing how I had not seen some of these people since graduation, it was a lot of fun! We kinda skipped the 10 year reunion simply because the people that we chose to be the class" whatevers" (I just drew a blank on their titles) didn't get one together. The only guy that came stayed with us for the weekend and brought his wife and two little ones. We had a great time together! Brayden and Blaine were at their dad's for the weekend so it was good for Bryson to have someone to play with. Except all Bryson wanted to do was aggravate Alex who is as big as him, but younger. Bryson is so used to playing with his brothers and ended up hitting him and spitting at him more than playing with him. But little Alex held his ground. He would shake and his eyes would bug out and Bryson would laugh at him. And then push him. He needs to learn to play with kids his age a little better, but we are working on that. We had a fun weekend but I am worn out. I have stayed up late every night. After the reunion a couple of my girlfriends from school came over and we grilled out. One I haven't seen since my wedding (the first one) and the other I don't see as much as I would like either. It was good to catch up with them. We have promised to do better and get together more often. I hope we do!

I have been invited by a blogging buddy to list a family favorite recipe every Tuesday. I will try to do my best, but as you can see, lately it has been hard for me to get time to blog. I asked the kids what their favorite things are that I make. Brayden's response was muffins. I informed him that you all probably knew how to make those. It's called Martha White.

Time to go start supper. I mean...heat up the left overs!


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gabgirl said...

yeah, see that's why i asked to do this whole recipe thing. most of my stuff is like...
martha white
el paso/taco bell kits
you get the picture, right?


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