Tuesday, April 7, 2009

They Liked it!

Thanks to everyone for the advice on cooking asparagus. I decided to broil it like Vikki. The white sauce sounds pretty good but I am counting those lovely WW points and I decided I would rather have that somewhere else. And let me tell you...it was a hit! And when I say a hit, I mean you would have thought it was dipped in chocolate and then rolled in sprinkles kind of hit. No joke. I finally had to tell them to back off after I refilled all three kids and I hadn't even sat down yet. I reminded them fake daddy wasn't home yet and that we needed to save some for him. But it was a little more difficult to make than what I thought it would be. Let me explain myself.

I planned on meatloaf and macaroni and cheese with our asparagus. That way if none of us liked it we wouldn't starve to death. So I got the meatloaf in the oven, which all of us really like, and got to doing some laundry and stuff. Then when I had about twenty minutes left on the meatloaf, I put on the water for the mac-n-cheese.

At this point Bryson decides he would like to start potty training, "cause Mee mo (that would be Elmo) pees in the potty".

By all means, if Elmo can do it so can we. But does he do this when his mom his trying a new recipe. I don't think so.

Anyway...so we go to the bathroom and he starts getting undressed and gets on the potty. He does his business, we clean up and get redressed and I head back to the kitchen just in time to put in the pasta. Everything is going good so far. So I start washing the asparagus and bending it so it will break off (thanks Vikki....didn't know that!)

Then I hear, "I go pee 'gin mommy. I go pee. I do it." I turn around to find my child naked as a jaybird sitting in the kitchen floor on a potty seat that attaches to the regular toilet. Keep in mind, if he goes there is nothing there to catch it. Except for me and I am busy bending asparagus.
I tell him, "NO BRYSON! You can't use that potty in the kitchen floor! Don't you pee in the floor!"
"Tay mommy!" And he takes off running. Normally when I tell him no about something and he runs like that he heads straight for my closet and hides. So now I am thinking naked jaybird kid hiding in my closet that has to go pee pee! Not good.
By this point I am getting the asparagus into the oven but I am not sure how long it will take to cook. I am thinking it will cook quickly since I was broiling (and I was correct). I turn around to hear Bryson hollar at me, "UH OH MOMMY!

"Bryson...did you go potty in mommy's floor?"


"Show mommy what you have done."

He takes off running down the hall all naked and goes straight to the bathroom. There was water everywhere. The water in the sink was running, the cabinets were wet, the stool was wet and the rug underneath it all was wet. Then I looked up and see his potty sitting on the bathroom counter.

"Bryson, did you pee in the potty?"


"Why is the potty on the counter?"

"I wash it!"

He had done his business and flushed it in the toilet. Then took it to the sink, moved the stool and proceeded to wash it. Of course, I wouldn't have done it in the sink where they brush their teeth, but I told him he did a good job and re cleaned everything with Clorox wipes. He sure was proud of himself!

Back to the asparagus...Blaine thought it was the best thing he had ever eaten. He is my picky eater. I usually have a hard time finding something that all 5 of us like. But this is it! So I guess we will be cooking asparagus from now on! Bryson was stuffing it in his face as fast as he could and telling me, "YUMMMM!" Brayden is not my picky eater. His favorite vegetable is cabbage so I knew I had a chance with this one!

Oh! And it was zero W points! Yay for asparagus!



Joy said...

that's just crazy! i complain that my kids are picky & then of course my mom always reminds me that i made them that way since i don't offer them "good stuff". really??? i thought chinese or mexican every night was good stuff :)

the rambler said...

man, i have got to try that. i have to say that i'm with joy on mexican being the good stuff. ;)

gabgirl said...

this whole post is crackin' me up~
glad it was a HIT! i love me some asparagus!
p.s. let's plan our 'date!'


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