Monday, April 6, 2009

I am Here to Brag!

I know...I already posted today but I am here for a quick post to let you all know that I just went to the grocery store and got all of my things put away. I have beat my all time high in coupon and store savings.

Drum roll please.....
I saved a whopping $83.84!!! So if you saw a woman at the grocery store getting into a van squealing at the top of her lungs that would be me.
Just kidding.
I didn't do that but I came pretty stinkin' close to turning around to the people behind me and screaming, "I ROCK!!!!" right in their faces. They were huffing and puffing while the cashier was scanning my coupons. She was probably thinking, "That poor woman! She is so broke she has to use all those coupons to survive!" Little does she know I get so excited to go to the grocery store and see if I can beat my last visit. I know...that is sad. I'm such a mom.
Let me put it to ya like this. That is approximately 20 tall cinnamon dolce lattes. And for Blaine...that is a little over 76 small Sonic slushies. So see you guys, it does pay to plan ahead at the grocery store because more than likely this is money that would have gone unnoticed. Now I can maybe add it to my car payment because I really can't drink that many lattes! All I can think of is how much money people waste with purchasing alcohol or cigarettes. I am too cheap for that aren't I?

Oh yeah! And the asparagus was on sale too! I ROCK! I'll let you all know how it turns out. And Joy...thanks for the recipe! haha!



gabgirl said...

okay...lunch date, please. i'll buy if you will POUR out your money saving tips~

Joy said...

Yours is the 3rd blog I've read in about 12 hours about all the coupon savings. I used to be so good about it, but for some reason got really lazy about it. I'm feeling a little convicted now. I'm off to the grocery in a bit, we'll see how I do. Thanks for the little kick in the pants :)

Joy said...

so...i saved $3 with my coupons today...gotta start somewhere...right???

Ken Row said...

You inspired me, and I did something today I've never done before... I ordered a Cinnamon Dolce Latte. I liked it!

the rambler said...

you GO girl!!! i am so impressed! :)

Sara said...

Ya'll crack me up!
Joy....3 dollars is better than nothing! Very proud.'ve never had a cinnamon dolce latte? What? I'm glad I inspired you to get one. I get mine skinny. Did you? That is only 2 Weight Watcher points. That is...if you are counting :)'s a date.
Rambler...thanks. FYI, I did buy macaroni and cheese and american cheese.

Ken Row said...

I ordered a Triple Grande -- not skinny, just however they make it.

My usual drink this winter has been a Triple (or Quad) Grande Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha. I hate to think how many WW points that would be -- it has 4 pumps peppermint plus 4 pumps white chocolate. It's lush.

gabgirl said...

sara...gonna post a "family favorite" recipe on tuesdays of each week. hoping you're "in" because i've got a sneeking suspicion that you cook better than the rest of of us!!!!! :)

p.s. missed you saturday~

Sara said...

Wouldn't say I cook BETTER, but I do cook. Seeing how I am on Weight Watchers I need to learn to cook "Better for you"! Sounds fun! Count me in....maybe I won't be too late seeing how I can never seem to make time to post!


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