Friday, May 1, 2009

From My Window...

...I can see the plants growing in our garden! Some were started as plants and some from seeds. A week after the seeds were planted I could see little tiny bits of green from my window. Every morning I look out and they are getting bigger by the minute! The green beans are almost doubling every day. And the corn is starting to look like corn instead of weeds.
I was on the trampoline last night with Bryson waiting for daddy to get home. We were talking about all the vegetables we are growing. He told me "YUM!" when we talked about the corn and green beans. He curled his nose when we talked about the carrots. He told me he doesn't like carrots. Can't blame him. They do taste like dirt, but I told him Blaine is growing those for Dolly, our rabbit and she really likes carrots. We talked about the onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. I told him daddy had to put the peppers in 5 gallon buckets this year because we have Mexican rabbits in our yard that have eaten our peppers the last couple of years before we could. I told him we will make salsa to eat with chips like at Casa Blanca.

"Oohhh! Ca Blancha!"

He likes to eat there. Almost as much as me.

We talked about our toad that he looks for every time he goes outside. They met last summer and every time he headed out the door he went looking for him. He always looked in the places he had found him. Behind the trash can, in the tomatoes, or against the fence by the garden. Then daddy dug him up last fall when he was digging up the sweet potatoes. I always wondered where toads went in the cold weather! He has come out of hibernation and is hopping happily around the garden again. Or maybe he is running for his life. Not sure.

It was starting to sprinkle last night when we came in to get ready for bed. I told Bryson God was going to water the garden for us so it would grow. I went to bed last night and the rain was falling softly on the window. I couldn't help but think to myself how quickly the garden is going to grow now with the rain. When I woke up this morning the rain was coming down hard and I couldn't help but be thankful that all ballgames were cancelled this weekend because the Bermuda grass that is starting to come up in my flowerbeds is going to take over now! And the ground will be soft so it will pull up easily. I guess I know what I will be doing on Saturday!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



the rambler said...

loving all those signs of spring! y'all enjoy weeding and looking for toads this weekend! :)

gabgirl said...

i LOVE me some fresh salsa...that's another recipe you're gonna have to share! i have one, but it could use a little "tweeking!" :O)

bermuda rocks...but stinks, all at the same time! i fight it in my beds ALL summer long...


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