Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Future Baseball Player

If Bryson doesn't end up being a baseball pitcher, he has missed his calling. I don't know how many times I have had something thrown at me while I am doing something. I have taken a full sippy cup to the nose, a real baseball to my left cheek bone, and numerous other things that my child will pick up and throw at me. And he doesn't just toss it either. He throws it so fast and so hard that a lot of times I don't even have time to react.
This morning I was fixing his breakfast and he snuck into the kitchen behind me and nailed me with a quarter he found somewhere. If I had to guess he had probably been scrounging around in his brothers' room. He likes to steal their money that they don't put away and put it in his own piggy bank. They get really mad because I don't stop him from doing this. Maybe I should...but the way I see it is....if they wanted it they would put it away right? After all....I am their mother, not their guard of all things that they trash their room with. Which is a lot.
Back to the story....
I told him that it hurt and asked him not to throw money at me. He didn't say anything and I went about my business of fixing his breakfast. He did it again. I explained that if he threw it and it went into his food, I would have to throw the food away. He didn't say anything again, but went into the other room. He came back a minute or two later and stood behind me. He mumbled something to me. I wasn't sure what he said so I asked him to say it again.

"I'm sorry Mommy."

My heart melted! My child had told me he was sorry without being forced to apologize! Which as most of us know, that is the only way you will get an apology out of a two year old. And sometimes an 8 and 11 year old. I leaned down and kissed him and told him that I forgave him. and he said something else.

"I'm sorry I threw money Mommy."

I always tell my kids that when they tell someone they are sorry don't just mumble "I'm sorry" to them . Tell them what you are sorry for! It doesn't mean anything if you are told to apologize and you don't even look them in the eye and then mumble it under your breathe. That is not truly being sorry. That is trying to get yourself out of trouble. But Bryson said it to me and he was truly sorry.

I am telling you this to encourage all you parents that feel like you are talking to a brick wall sometimes with your kids, because I know sometimes I feel that way. They truly are listening to you. Sometimes it just takes awhile! :)



gabgirl said...

what a sweet story~i can just see bryson's precious little self saying he's sorry! he is absolutely the most adorable little thing!

the rambler said...

that's so sweet. i'm with g...he IS adorable. luke saw him at awards day and said he wished bryson was HIS brother. ;)

btw...we owe you guys 10 bucks for a pizza card that jilli got from blaine. i am good for it..i promise. will either mail it to you or run it by your house this weekend, which ever works best for you.

Joy said...

he is sooooooo cute! glad i finally got to see you =)


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