Saturday, June 27, 2009

Huntin' Monkeys

That is what we did today. Stephen, Bryson and I went monkey hunting. Or hiking. However you want to say it. We headed up to Monte Sano Mountain to take Bryson on his first hiking trip. It would have been even more fun if his big brothers were there, but they had to go to their dad's house. He was very excited. He has new hiking shoes, little Keens, like his daddy. He thinks he is big stuff now! We packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, granola bars, bananas, Gatorade and water. He carried Blaine's Superman back pack with his extra pull-ups, wipes, tissue (never leave home without it!), blanket and sippy cup.
We hit the trails around 3:15 after an hour nap in the car while running some errands. We got their and woke him up. He looked at me like I was crazy when I woke him, but when I told him it was time to go hiking, his head popped up and his eyes got big.

We took his picture by the sign at the front of the trail. He could hardly contain his excitement! He saw the trees where the trail started and took off. We had to remind him not to run because he could trip on tree roots or rocks. He did everything that he was told and was a very good listener.

This picture was about 10 feet into the trail. He talked...and he talked...and he talked some more. He told us how fun this was, how he loved to hike, how daddy was his buddy and he loved him. Told me how silly I was...not sure why.

This picture was .2 miles into the hike. (I had on a pedometer).

The superman back pack? I ended up wearing it. Which I thought would be the case and that was fine. Not even half way to the end of the trail we heard a bird and he thought it was a monkey. He kept asking where the monkey was so Stephen told him if he kept hiking we might see monkeys at the end. That's how we got him to hike so far. He actually hiked at least half of the hike if not more. It was just a little over 3 miles there and back. He would hike the even parts and daddy would carry him through the rocky and hilly parts.

We saw dog tracks and deer tracks. We talked about how God made the trees, the grass and all the rocks for us to enjoy. We saw spider webs and got tickled by the plants as we walked by. Which were probably poison ivy. I guess we will know soon enough.

I realize now as I post this I should have told him to look at the camera so I can see his face. Hey...I never claimed to be a good photographer. He has on his Hard Rock Cafe' t shirt from Beijing. His Aunt Aimee brought it back to Blaine when I was pregnant with Bryson but it was too small for him. So I kept it out for the "new one" and it has been deemed his official hiking shirt.

What is he doing now? Following daddy around the backyard like he isn't even tired! I think we will all sleep good tonight!



the rambler said...

He's so precious! Love how he was on Daddy's back .2 miles into the hike. ;)

gabgirl said...

sweet! love the picture from behind of bryson and daddy holding hands~

i laughed outloud about the poison ivy! :O) too funny~


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