Sunday, June 21, 2009

Six Years Ago

Six years ago today, Brayden walked me down the aisle. Dad wore a tux just in case we had to go to plan B, which almost happened when Brayden decided at the back of the church after everyone had already walked in, that he would rather walk Kaylee down the aisle instead of me.

Kaylee was the flower girl and has been his friend from Bible class since she was born.

If you had asked him then about her, he would have told you it was his girlfriend and they were gonna get married. But now there are cooties, ya know.

We had discussed with the preacher how it wouldn't be a good idea for him to ask Brayden who was "giving me away". We had to come up with another way to phrase it. We had been having little talks here and there with Brayden about the day we would get married.

He worried about me getting married and not coming back. That had already happened to him once and he was worried it would happen again. I assured him that just because I was getting married did not mean that I was leaving him. We were just adding to our little family. We discussed that when he walked me down the aisle, Paul would ask him, in a way, who was giving Stephen permission to marry me. He had already told me many times he wanted Stephen to be his dad when his real dad couldn't be. He was glad about that part but still wasn't sure about the whole situation. We had talked about what he would say when Paul asked him this important question. How me and Stephen would go on a trip together and would come back in a few days.

Six years ago today I stood at the back of the church and told him that it would be very special if he would still walk me down the aisle like we had planned.

Even though Kaylee was there.

I told him that when he was a grown man he would be proud to say that he had walked me down the aisle to start my new life with Stephen. And him. And Blaine. And that I was just going on a short trip and I would be back soon.

He told me okay. He would still do it because he was going to get to walk out with Kalyee. He walked me down the aisle as he held my hand. He looked sharp and he knew it. He was wearing a tuxedo like Stephen! They had picked them out together. He walked me down to the front of the auditorium and when Paul asked him, "Who gives this bride this day", he answered in his proud little five year old voice, "Blaine and I".

Blaine was my ring bearer. He walked down with Kaylee's sister Abby, who was his girlfriend and they did get married the same day we did, by the way. He didn't last long. He saw one of my good friends in the audience and decided he would go sit with Kay-Kane. That would be Kana.

It is amazing how quickly time goes when you marry the right person. One that is your friend. One that you have so much in common with and the same goals. It doesn't seem like six years
ago. It seems like a short time. Although he may tell you differently. And I hope we have many more years together! I couldn't have asked for a better husband, daddy, or fake daddy! (That is what Brayden and Blaine call him.) He is a great role model for all the boys and does his best to show them how a man should treat his wife. He is a hard worker. He helps others in need. He teaches with words and actions. He teaches us daily how our ultimate goal in life should be Heaven and leads by example.

Thank you Stephen for being such a great husband, daddy and fake daddy. I guess that is a Happy Aniversary and Happy Father's Day all rolled into one!


The Domestic Engineer said...

I can't believe how little the boys were! It makes sense, I guess, but Blaine is such a baby in that picture. Crazy.

joy said...

such a sweet story! happy anniversary =)

gabgirl said...

sweet, sweet picture~
hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

Kana said...

Sara, I wanted to share something I read once......
"A real man doesn't make love to a million diffent women. A real man loves one woman a million different ways."
Congrats on finding a real man!
Happy Anniversary :)

the rambler said...

What a precious picture. Thinking of Brayden saying "Blaine and I" made me all teary-eyed. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Ken Row said...

Awww. I smiled. Such a sweet story.


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