Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Movie Night

Last night we had planned on a family bike ride now that Stephen fixed my bike. It has been about three weeks since we have gotten to ride. But as soon as Stephen got home last night the sky was getting darker and the wind was picking up. You could smell the rain in the air. The younger boys started whining because we weren't going to be able to go. They tried to talk me into letting them play in the rain and I couldn't get them to understand that you can't play out in a thunderstorm.

So Stephen mentioned that we had a movie on DVR that we could all watch together. National Treasure II. That is a movie we could all watch together, with the exception of Bryson who will only watch the Thomas the Train Sing-A-Long. Which, let me add, is very annoying. It plays the song that it comes on to between every song. So Bryson whines, each time, "Oh no! It's all done!" Then I have to explain that it's not, listen to another stupid song, then explain again.

I digress....

Blaine has been in this mood lately. I keep telling myself it is his age. And I hope it is. I have asked him a hundred times if something has happened. Had his dad or step mom said something to upset him? Is he nervous about school starting? Is he hungry? All I get is a snarled face and a "NO!" like I am the stupidest thing on the earth. So when we all agreed that it would be a great night for "movie night" I got that same snarled face and the whining began.

Blaine: "I don't want to watch that movie! It is stupid!"

Me: "Have you already seen it?"

Blaine: "NO!" (with a snarl)

Me: "Then how do you know it is stupid? I think you will like it. You liked the first one."

Blaine: "No I didn't."

Me: "Yes you did and you are just trying to be difficult. So you can go take your shower and then you can go to your room, read a book, pick your nose, I don't care. But we are watching this movie!"

Blaine: "MOM! Like I am gonna read a book!"

Well, that explains the bloody noses doesn't it?


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