Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lake Winnie

On July 10, we went with the church group to lake Winnie. I haven't had a chance to post about it with all the drama with the van. Then if I had my laptop I didn't have my camera. Better late than never, right?

I saw Brayden for the first five minutes we were there and that included the time to wait in line, pay, and get an arm band. The next to leave us was Blaine with his friends and Stephen following behind. Then it was just me, Bryson, Candy and JaneClaire. We took them to every ride in the kiddie area. Some of them we rode with them and some they rode together. We all packed coolers and ate a picnic lunch together. It was hot, but it wasn't really hot. We did apply sunscreen and then reapplied a few times. JaneClaire was only afraid of one ride, the Haunted Castle, and Bryson loved it. JaneClaire loved the Free Willie and flume ride. Bryson didn't. They had a blast together.

Bryson slept in his stroller for about 45 minutes and so me, Candy and JaneClaire rode the "Tilt a Swirl". That is what JaneClaire called it. I think it was her favorite! As soon as it started going she started hollaring, "I love it! This is so BEEEUUUTIFULLLL!" I think that was the funniest thing that happened all day. JaneClaire is 6 months older than Bryson and a whole head taller. They don't look that close in age. She is a sweet heart!

Four days later we were out in the yard. Stephen and I were pulling weeds in two different flower beds. Bryson was playing around in the back yard.

Out of the blue he came up to me and said, "I so 'cited 'bout late Weenie!"

"Bryson, did you have fun at Lake Winnie?"


He then proceeded to name almost every ride that he and JaneClaire rode together. He told me that she was his buddy. It rocked. It was awesome. (That is what he said!)

But he did clarify that he didn't like the Free Willie and he didn't want to ride it anymore. Then he started shaking then grabbed his stomach to show me how he felt on the ride. And he really did shake like that on the ride, turned green, and I had to get the lady that was operating it to stop it and let us off the ride.

We all slept good that night. And all of us slept until nine. All of us except for Brayden. He was up a little after 6am. He won't sleep late for anything.


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gabgirl said...

bryson is at my all-time FAVORITE age! i laughed when i read the line about him being so excited about lake weenie! priceless.

i think this is the only thing we haven't done this summer, that i wanted to do! just haven't squeezed it in, yet. i would love a chattanooga trip to rock city & lake winnie!


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