Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day of School

The first day went without a hitch! Everyone got up on time with smiles on their faces! Well, Bryson wasn't smiling too big when I drug him out of his bed, but he didn't fight me. Which he does sometimes and I am surprised I haven't had a black eye yet. I walked the boys in so he had to be dressed. Yes, I am one of those mothers. And I told Stephen if someone stopped me at the door I was gonna tell them I would stop walking my kids in the first day when we start having orientation before school starts. Mothers get first day of school anxiety, too, ya know! And don't worry, I didn't actually walk Brayden in, I walked him by, on the way to Blaine's.

I took these pictures the night before of the boys getting ready for the next day. They read in bed for about 30 minutes. I think that was a record for Blaine. He read his all time favorite book to Bryson, "Go Do Go!". I think that is the only book he has ever read all the way through! Just kidding....I hope there has been more at school! My battery said it needed to be replaced so I did that so it would be ready for pictures the first day.We went outside the next morning to take pictures of the first day of school and it wouldn't work at all. So I had to go back in and dig out my old camera. Then I realized later that one of them had on a school shirt and I am not comfortable posting it here. So maybe I can take a picture today and post that so I can see how much they change from year to year.
They both came home smiling and excited to talk about their first day. Brayden was excited because he is changing classes this year and will have a locker. Blaine is excited because his teacher is really cool and has a class blog so he got to get on the computer. He was even more excited because he got to leave the first comment!

I hope everyone else enjoyed their first day of school as well and I hope we all have a successful year of learning and making new friends!



joy said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear that your boys are lovin' it! It sure makes it easier on us =) And I agree with you on the orientation. As spread out as our kiddos are, they better get used to seeing me & you on the 1st day for many years to come!

gabgirl said...

jake's FAVORITE book was always go dog, go. i think it was one of the first books he ever read, by himself. gave me warm fuzzies seeing it's been a while! :)

glad your crew had a great first day! hope this is a FANTASTIC year for all of them.


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