Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

Yes...I just made that up. Here are some fun facts for you this morning. Or maybe not so fun facts. Fun facts are in the eye of the beholder. Haha. I just made that up too. That just made me think of Blaine. He makes up jokes all the time and they are usually soooo not funny but you gotta feel bad for the kid and at least fake laugh, ya know? Well, unfortunately he has picked up on that and realizes that we are fake laughing and says with a sad little face, "That wasn't funny was it?"

On to Fun Fact Friday! And these fun facts today are about me and my family. So, like I said, these may not be fun for you, but they will be for me!

1. We rearranged our living room furniture a little over a week ago and we have been too busy to rehang pictures so they are in weird places now. That weren't weird places before. Isn't that fun? Normally I would take them down and prop them against a wall but that wouldn't be fun with a two year old now would it? And we all know with a two year old everything is safer hanging on the wall!

2. Yesterday was my sister's birthday. We are two years, one week and fifteen minutes apart. When we were little we always had to share a birthday cake. Well, her being the older sister, she hated my name on her cake and me being, well me, I hated it that we didn't get to eat two cakes within two weeks. So every year our cake would say, "Happy Birthday Rachael and Sara!" So the beginning of my junior year we carted off Rachael to David Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN and dumped her off. A week or so later was our birthdays. She didn't have a car so she didn't get to come home. Mom was a really cool mom and had a bakery deliver her a cake that said, "Happy Birthday Rachael!" And I got my own cake the very next week that said, "Happy Birthday Sara!" Rachael called home crying because hers didn't have my name on it and I cried because mine didn't have her name on it. Mom just rolled her eyes and reminded us that every year we complained about that and now we were crying about it. We were pretty upset that birthday but we can laugh about it now.

3. A lady at our church got a Wii fitness and has lost over 40 pounds. Well, Stephen went to the Dr. for his check up this week and his blood pressure is high. And the Dr. is always telling us we both need to get some weight off (duh) so we went and bought us one last night. We are just saying it is for both of our birthdays. His was in June and I had two things picked out for him for his birthday. The first one we passed in the store and I kind of pointed it out and he said it was stupid. The other was a t-shirt with one of his favorite groups that I have to order on line and they were out of his size and HIS SIZE ONLY!!! So we are gonna be Wii fittin' it up now! We will see how long that fun lasts won't we?

4. And last but not least. My laundry room is not really a laundry room. It is a washer and dryer behind folding doors in my kitchen. So during ball season we eat dinner with jock straps hanging up to dry. That's real fun seeing how I am the only female. Fun, fun!

I hope you all have a fun Friday!



kara said...

hahaha...the jock straps had me laughing out loud! loved this post and finding out more "facts" about you. especially loved the cake story!

you'll have to give us the wii fit review...wouldn't mind having that myself!

Alison said...

Wow, Sara! So who at church lost the 40lbs? I've wondered if I would like the Wii fit since we love the Wii Sports stuff. Let me know how you like it. My niece has a friend who lost 60 lbs with Dance,Dance Revolution, but I think I would need, you know, rhythm and coordination? Nina would probably get a good laugh out of it. ;)

Kelly said...

So fun to read your blog!! I have the Wii fit and active and I did both for a month and didn't lose any weight. Josh did say that my legs and other areas looked firmer, but I couldn't tell a difference. I hope I didn't give your hopes up?

gabgirl said...

love this~
may have to "borrow" it! :)
i'm sooooo there with you & being the only girl. it's amazing what you just get "used" to, isn't it!?


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