Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy Busy

That's what I have been. We had a great trip to Indiana. We got there at 3am Saturday morning. We lost an hour on the way. We slept for a little bit then went to eat breakfast with Aunts, Uncles and cousins at Bob Evans. We visited my Grandpa at his little apartment then went to visit Grandma at the nursing home. They are both doing well. Then we met back up with the Aunts, Uncles and cousins at the Persimmon Festival. We decided that it would be better to buy the arm bands and get to ride more rides. We started with the super slide and kiddie rides. Blaine got the best of both worlds. He is still small enough to ride the kiddie rides "with Bryson" but is just big enough to ride the big rides with Brayden. We snacked on nachos, Persimmon Pudding, Big Red, and cokes. I had already bought the kids cokes when Stephen came walking up with Reds so they weren't very happy with me, but they got over it. Blaine and Bryson split a hot dog. It was almost time for supper, but we hadn't had lunch so we were all hungry. Then we got back to the rides and as soon as we got to the ones that Brayden could ride the sky turned black and we were afraid we were gonna get ran out with a storm. Brayden and Blaine got to ride another ride and then the scrambler (my favorite) before it started to sprinkle. We headed to the car and started pulling out of the parking area and the bottom fell out.
We headed to Spring Mill Park to eat at the Inn and had more Persimmon Pudding. They had the best! We hung out with the family again while the kids played. Good food, good times! All the kids were pasttheir bedtimes so we headed back to the hotel and got ready for bed. Brayden had some homework to work on so I took him down to the lobby to use the computer. Had no luck so we headed back to the room and went to bed. We had to get up early for breakfast, church and then went to lunch again with the extended family. We also had to check out before church so we had a lot to do that morning!
And yes, it would have been easier to skip church, but God doesn't take a vacation from us so why should we from Him?
We went by Uncle Bob's and Aunt Kathleen's house to change clothes and say hello. We went to see the Grandparents again and tell them goodbye. We left town two hours behind schedule. We arrived back in Huntsville at almost midnight. It was a long, quick trip but always lots of fun.
I would post pictures but every time I started to grab my camera I was having to herd all the kids like a sheep dog so it didn't happen. We had an 11, almost 9, almost 4, 2 1/2, and a two year old all trying to go a different direction! Whew! It got crazy at the Festival. So no, I didn't even get my camera out. Maybe Molly or Jennifer will send me some to post? We will see.



Candy said...

I want to see some pictures! Glad you guys had fun. Missed you at church. I'll catch up with you tonight. Did you save me any pudding? I've got to try it :)

The Domestic Engineer said...

Yes, Spring Mill had the best pudding by far! And I did take pictures, but finding the time to get them all uploaded could be a stretch. I'll give it my best though.

Ken Row said...

I don't think I knew that Spring Mill Inn had persimmon pudding.

Though it's one of my favorite desserts, I always either made it myself or ate it at one of my grandmas'.

I'm thinking I may have to get me some pulp -- all this talk is kicking in a craving. I wonder if Appleacres will mail it?

Sara said...

K.C.~we got the pulp from your dad! He had connections.

Ken Row said...

I was in Bedford today, but waited too late to remember I wanted to buy some pulp. Dad said he wished he'd known, because his source was just a few blocks from where Gma is.

Maybe next time.

I thought Gma looked better than she had the last time I visited. Her dinner buddies were cracking me up! I'll post more about it on


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