Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

This weekend me and my family will be heading up to our hometown in Indiana. How is that a fun fact? Well....we are going to the Persimmon Festival, of course! And yes, it is fun, for a small town. And the best part about it is the Persimmon Pudding we will get to eat. I know all you southerners are gagging about now because the only Persimmons you have probably eaten were not ripe.

Someone played a cruel joke on you.

I know this because my dad played that same cruel joke on us when we were kids and I can remember it like it was yesterday. We lived in Knoxville, Tennessee and we were in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg. Dad saw a Persimmon tree and told us they were one of the best fruits. He handed me and my sister each one and we munched down.

I kid you not. It feels like someone turns your mouth inside out. We gagged and spit and my parents laughed and laughed.

But now I know better because it is seriously some of the best stuff when fixed in Persimmon Pudding. Now if I could only find a recipe for it and a tree loaded with Persimmons! YUM!

We will also be meeting up with lots of family that comes down from Michigan. By the time you all are reading this they should already be on their way! Can't wait!

Have a Fun Friday!


Ken Row said...

Appleacres sells frozen persimmon pulp. Get a little dry ice somewhere and it should stay frozen until you get back home.

I'm surprised you don't have Gma Row's recipe for Persimmon Pudding -- you seem to have about every other recipe of hers.

I don't have Gma Row's recipe, but I do have a good one if you want it.

gabgirl said...

we had a persimmon tree in our back yard growing up. we ate them all the time...isn't that weird? it always made me "pucker" but i liked something about it, as well.

weird. i know.

hope ya'll have a GREAT trip.


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