Monday, September 14, 2009

Cleaning Out

The past 2 weeks I have spent a lot of time getting things ready for Kid's Market. That is a seasonal consignment that we do around here. It allows me to get rid of things that we are no longer using for our kids and let someone else use them so it doesn't end up thrown away. Don't get me wrong. After three boys some things do get donated to charity or thrown out all together. But you know some of those outfits that were somewhat expensive but your baby only wore it once or twice? You can make a few extra dollars with things like that. So I hung and tagged 401 items. It is a lot of work, but I think it is worth it. I have to just keep what I am doing somewhat organized so I don't pull all my hair out. After I get a car load finished I take it to my parents' house and pile it all in one of the rooms there since I don't have any extra room here. And then when the contribute day starts it is all ready to go and I load it up and drop it off.

I did come across a few outfits that made me think, "Oh! I remember when they wore this to such and such!" Or, "I remember that!" Kind of made me sad.

Like this outfit:

This picture was taken with Pee Paw on Labor Day weekend. This was his first visit by himself. Mee Maw had passed away almost two months before.

And this one was one of my favorites!

Everyone thought Bryson was a girl. This picture was taken on his 6 month birthday! It says, "I'm Not a Girl!" We got a kick out of this shirt. A few days before this was taken we were at a Cracker Barrel traveling back from somewhere and our waitress stopped and told us how pretty "she" was. She loved how "her" hair was cut into a wedge just like mine. I politely told her it was a boy and he wasn't even 6 months old yet. And he had never had a haircut! His very first haircut was the day after this was taken. I love how he has all the natural layers and highlights that I have to pay big bucks for! Kinda makes me a little jealous.

And then there is this little outfit that we bundled him up in to go to Santa's Village. He wasn't very happy that night. It was so cold and I kept covering up his hands in that outfit. He couldn't suck his thumb so he would cry until we got his thumb out. Then he would cry because his thumb would turn into a little Popsicle! He didn't know who Santa was and frankly he didn't care!
And then there was the Halloween Costume. He did make a cute little Zebra, didn't he?

This little jacket my sister found for Brayden at a Gap Outlet and I think she paid $6.00 for it. All three of the boys wore it and I can't believe how good it still looks. We definitely got our money's worth out of that one!

It makes me sad to think of getting rid of some of this but I have no plans to use it anymore. And why not let someone else be just as cute in these, too? Well...almost as cute.

This Kid's Market thing is one of those things like scented candles and flavored coffee. Why couldn't I have thought of this? The lady that runs this is racking up, ya know? All the workers are volunteers so they can have first chance at shopping. And she keeps 1/3 of the profit. They run it for 2 weeks in the fall and then 2 weeks in the spring. Isn't that an awesome work schedule? Oh well. I guess I will stick with my job.

Do you have anything like this in your area? Do you participate and if so, have you made good money at it? I would love to hear from all you blog lurkers...haha!



gabgirl said...

i'm starting to feel like a "lurker" myself! haven't had much to post about, lately. or just have been "uninspired??"

i have been participating (buying & selling) for almost 10 years! i have a "love-hate" relationship with kid's market. i LOVE that it forces me to clean things out & get organized. i LOVE the paycheck. i HATE tagging, pinning, seperating, dropping off, picking up, standing in line, etc...

i think the most i have ever made was like $640. i average around $350, though. it's a lot of work, but it's worth it! i think~

joy said...

i participate, although not at one here in town. i go a few miles down the road & have had much bigger paychecks than i had at any here & there's no limit to what you can take (as in adult clothes, housewares, you name it!). i LOVE it! i always have a big paycheck at the end. although, i will admit that i have an emotional attachment to lots of their clothes & there are some things that i just can't get rid of.

ps. since you're getting rid of all of these cute little things, does this mean no Killer Bee #4?

Sara said...

Ha Ha! That's right! No more bees here!


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