Saturday, October 31, 2009

Can I Get A Whoo-Yeah?!?

Or a woot woot? Or maybe a you go girl? Because after my last post about the turkey place mats and the fabric that I HAD to have, Bridget left me a comment about seeing that fabric at Hobby Lobby! (That's Roman's mommy who I made that circle quilt for. Remember?) So I quickly drug my two year old out the door before my hair appointment yesterday and headed to Hobby Lobby. I got there and found the fabric. It was originally $5.99 a yard compared to the $7.99 a yard on Etsy. And I paid for a little bit of gas as opposed to $6-$12 for shipping! Then, I looked up, and it had a 30% off sign on top!

Needless to say, I rocked it at Hobby Lobby yesterday!

I even found a background fabric to use that was $2.99 with 30% off, a small amount of orange for the beaks, and I went ahead and bought a chocolate brown corduroy for the turkey body. It has a smaller nap than the pants I was going to use. It was the only thing that wasn't on sale, but I only needed a 1/2 yard. I bought my Wonder Under and buttons for the eyes at Hancock's the other day. I have scraps of batting for the inside and now I am all set. Now I just hope I can do this without a pattern. I may be showing a quilt made out of all this instead!

Oh yeah! And there wasn't much left on the bolt of those 3 fabrics that I had to have, so I bought the rest of the bolts! I got a little over 4 yards of two of them and 4 yards of one. Just in case this works out and someone wants to buy some! But seriously, don't get your hopes up. I have never made place mats before....but we'll see!


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gabgirl said...

i was first, right?!?!?!??!?!?!?
SOLD to gabgirl!


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