Sunday, November 1, 2009


We looked high and low.

We called.

We looked again.

We called Publix. We asked them to check the race car carts. We went to Publix and looked ourselves. We looked at the Rec. Center. We looked in the parking lots. The car. The diaper bag. The house. The garage.

There is no doubt about it!

It's LOST.

It's been lost before but we have always found it. Not this time. It's lost for good. As in really lost, not as in glad we lost it.

We've lost "whiteblankettissue". That is what Bryson calls his blanket. We call it his "nasty rag of a blanket". Poor baby was up until midnight Friday night looking. We took Brayden to ball practice at 7:30 pm and headed to Publix. We had to shop and get back to get him by 9 pm. I remember telling Bryson to grab his blanket when we were paying because it was in the bottom of the race car cart. I don't even know if he picked it up because I was paying. We got to the car and I put him in his car seat while Stephen and the bagger put our bags in the car. By the time I got back around to the car he was walking off with our cart and I didn't even think to check to make sure we had it. I don't remember if he had it then or not. We raced to pick up Brayden. Stephen got Bryson out of the car and put him down when we got close to the door. He ran to me and he didn't have it with him then.

When we went to put him to bed he asked for his "whiteblankettissue". That is when we realized it was nowhere to be found. He cried. He looked. He cried and looked some more. I called Publix at 11:30 pm and told them we had lost a blanket. It was white. Not really white, but dingy white with holes all in it and ketchup stains. They said they hadn't had one turned in. I asked the nice girl if she would check all the race car carts for us, as Bryson was standing at my feet crying. She came back and said they didn't see it. Yesterday we went back to the Rec. Center for another ball practice and looked there. We asked the lady at the concession stand if anyone had turned it in. All they had turned in was a jacket. So I drove all the way back to the grocery store to make sure no one had turned it in and they still didn't have it. We checked the parking lot. We checked the whole side of the parking lot where we parked. Bryson described it to anyone that would listen.

"My white blanket's lost. It's this big (holding his hands up) and it's white. I can't find it!"

It's gone. For good.


Candy said...

Oh how sad! Is that why he was so grumpy today? Poor guy! I hate that he lost his favorite blanket.

Kiwi said...

How heartbreaking!! Poor Bryson:( That's a tough one.....

SandyQuilts said...

Oh dear, so sorry.

When my DD#2 was small she carried around a sheet. She wouldn't give it up so I started trimming it every so often. Finally it was down to a size of a sheet of paper. I told her she was getting big and thus it was getting smaller. Don't think I'm cruel because a 9yr old doesn't need to carry around a sheet.


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