Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This week I am so thankful for Etsy. I get a lot of inspiration from this site! This week I have decided to make us some Thanksgiving place mats. I found this little turkey here. Isn't he cute? Or is it a she? Anyway, so I remembered back this summer that I went thrift shopping. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just waiting for something to jump out at me that I could re purpose. I ended up coming home with four linen looking curtain panels. They had flowers embroidered up the sides which I didn't really care for. So this week I remembered I had purchased these and that it would be good to make my place mats out of. I got them out a little while ago and there is only enough fabric there to make four place mats after I cut off the embroidery. We have a table that seats eight, and I thought about making twelve. So I had to go to plan B. Maybe I could put fabric borders on each side in thirds. That didn't leave enough room for my turkey so onto plan C.

Now I am saving the curtains for maybe a few pillows and am going to get fabric for the back and front. This is what I have picked out for the turkey feathers. I also have a few pair of corduroy pants that are in my re purpose pile that I want to use for his body. I am hoping that they will match the feather fabric. If not, I will be going to plan D and buying corduroy. I found some at Hancock's today and it was on sale. Which means that when my fabric that I am ordering from Etsy comes in, the corduroy probably will clash.

That is my luck. I hope it turns out like it is pictured in my head. But it usually doesn't. You know, that's my luck, too!



gabgirl said...

i would, seriously, buy those placemats from you. seriously.
i LOVE the little turkey. am totally in love with the fabric....
have said it before, i wish i had your skilz.

Bridget said...

Love the turkey!!! so cute!!! that fabric is at our hobby lobby if you want to check yours with your brown!

one BleSSed gal! said... baby sure would look cute with a little turkey shirt. {hint, hint} the colors don't matter, you can always stick a little bow on that turkey head & it's instantly a girl turkey {hint, hint}

can't wait to see how your little project turns out =) have fun!

Ken Row said...

The turkey is definitely a he. Turkey hens don't strut their tail feathers like that.

Sara said...

Genny~if I don't pull my hair out making these, we can talk selling you some!
Bridget~I had to ask for a custom listing from this lady and haven't heard back from her. If I don't, I may go and buy it at hobby lobby. I never get fabric there and I didn't even think of checking there!
Joy~I have NEVER sewn anything on a shirt. Knits scare me...they stretch. Maybe if I practice I could make her one for next year! Search turkey appligues on Etsy and all kinds of cute stuff comes up!
K.C.~I wasn't sure of the gender because I thought males had the little do-hicky hanging from the beak. Maybe it is both? haha!

Ken Row said...

I just went here to learn more about turkeys.

I learned that both males and females have the doo-hickey, and that the doo-hickey is called a "snood". Sounds like a good Scrabble word to me!

Sara said...

K.C.~This actually came up at work a couple years ago and I actually looked it up and found out what it was called! I was so proud of myself! But I didn't remember and was too lazy to look it up. Yes, good scrabble word! I bet Grandma could even make it a Boggle word! hahaha!


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