Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This week I am very thankful for consignment shops! Remember when I was doing all this here? Well yesterday was the day that I picked up my check. I did so good! I made a total of $653.18. I sold some to a friend and made $40.00 with her and the remaining $613.18 at Kid's Market! I got rid of a lot of maternity stuff too! Yay for me! So this week I am VERY thankful for Kid's Market. It makes me cringe at the thought of all the things I have just given away in the previous years. Don't get me wrong....I don't mind giving things to charity, but if they are items that are perfectly good I feel like I am being wasteful by just giving them away. I prefer to try and get something out of it and then donate what I can't sell.

Monday I took some of my clothes to Act II consignment. All of my work clothes that I wore when I worked at the bank that I don't use anymore. They are really picky there so they didn't take but maybe half of it. So now I am going to look for another consignment store for women's clothing and hopefully take some there. Let me know if you all know of another place.

This morning I took the things that were left over from the Kid's Market sale, went through and got all the name brand things out and I am going to try to sell some more here. I have never consigned with them so I don't know how that will go but I am at least going to try! It is all loaded up in the car and hopefully I will be able to get it down there this afternoon.


gabgirl said...

that. is. awesome.
tickled for you~ :)

Candy said...

I know you are going to make more than me and that makes me a little jealous! :)


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