Monday, November 9, 2009

Conversations with Bryson

Stephen was talking to Bryson at dinner tonight and telling him he is going on a trip with work to Las Vegas next week. He asked Bryson if he was going to miss him.

Bryson: "NO."

Stephen: "You're not? Why won't you miss me?"

Bryson: "Cause I go wit you!!"

Stephen: "If you go with me, what are we going to do?"

Bryson: " hide and seek!"


In the car last week:

Bryson: "What dat smell?"

Me: " What does it smell like to you?"

Bryson: "Smell like a 'kunk!!"

Me: "That's what it is!"

Stephen: "It's a what?"


Bryson: "Mommy! Play ball with me!"

He hands me a little toy baseball bat. I put it up to get ready to hit the baseball.

Bryson: "Do dat...say batter batter!"

Dat would be tap the bat on the ground two times. Not once. Not three times. Two times.


Bryson: "Mommy, can I get dum?"

Me: "You want gum? That is fine. It's in my purse."

Bryson: "Tank choo Mommy! You a nice Mommy!"


one BleSSed gal! said...

This is so funny!

And just so you know I'm not a copycat, while waiting for a never-ending train to pass tonight, I got out a pen & pad and started writing down the random things that boys had said today & planned to post some of their random conversations this week.

Sara said...

You can be a copy cat all you want! I love to hear about others' kids! They can be so funny, can't they? And if we don't write it down we will forget! Can't wait to read yours!

Kiwi said...

I am so jealous! I beat myself up for not thinking to write down what my girls said when they were little :( I can only remember a very few of their cute little phrases. Good job Sara! Those are PRICELESS :)


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