Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Conversations with Bryson

This is something that I had typed out back in November and had saved a draft, but never did post it. Don't remember why now, but here it is. This is obviously before he was completely potty trained, but I thought I would post it as it was written anyway.

The other day I walked into Bryson's room and he was stark naked. I know....that is so surprising isn't it? This is what he told me as he "gave me the hand":

Bryson: UH UH UH UH....STOP! I'm netched. Get out."

Me: "You do remember that I just changed your dirty pants 2 hours ago and saw you as naked as can be, right? I guess if you don't want me to see you naked you need to start pooping in the potty."
Bryson is also a HUGE fan of Thomas the Train. In fact, Sir Topham Hatt called MY HOUSE the other day on my calculator! Can you believe that!?! That led to this conversation as the train went by our house:

Me: "Bryson...do you hear that?"

Bryson: "Yeah. Dat's a choo choo."

Me: "Do you think that might be Thomas?"

Bryson gives me a look here like I am the stupidest thing ever.

Bryson: "NO."

Me: "Maybe it's Percy?"

Bryson: "NO!!!"

I went on and named every train character from that movie that I could think of and he was getting very irritated with me!

Me: "Well, who is it then?"

Bryson: "It's just a train!"

So Sir Topham Hatt can call OUR house on my calculator but Thomas and his friends can't go down the tracks by our house.

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