Monday, November 16, 2009

His Own Suitcase

Bryson has his own suitcase for when we go on trips. It is lime green ,which really tells a lot of you that it started out as mine. And it has wheels. Saturday afternoon he rolled it into my bathroom while I was putting on my makeup.

Bryson: "I ready!"

Me: "Ready for what?"

Bryson: "To go!"

Me: "Where are you going?"

Bryson: "Wit daddy! On airpane!"

We had to break it to the poor little boy that Daddy was going on a work trip and that he couldn't go. He was a little sad but once we explained that Mommy was staying home he changed his mind. I was expecting him to cry when we dropped him off at the airport but he didn't. He also asked when we pulled in the driveway and he saw his truck if he was already home. So obviously he didn't get it. It doesn't help that he couldn't see him actually get on the plane like we could do when Brayden was that age.

I finally got around to unpacking his bag tonight while he was in the shower. You know, when he couldn't see me. It contained two pair of shorts and a football.

You know....the necessities.

But I guess when you would rather go nude, who needs more? And wouldn't he fit in well like that in Las Vegas?

When I told him tonight that it was shower time, he got all excited and said, "I take showder with Bane, and I wash my hair, and I wash my body, and I won't touch Bane's boo hinee any moe! I keep my hands on myself!"

Obviously we had a little problem with that the other night and I told him he would have to keep his hands to himself.



nat said...

That is hilarious! I needed a good laugh this morning. Thanks for sharing!

Kiwi said...

Bryson is a living, breathing doll! His eyes are hypnotizing! Gotta love the boo hinee part!

Candy said...

I love that little guy! He was telling me in Bible class that Daddy was gone on the aiplane. He said he wanted to go too! :)


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