Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ever since Bryson has been sleeping in his big boy bed, he has refused to sleep in pajamas. The first few times I tried to put his pajamas on him he pitched a big, hairy fit. I just thought he didn't want to go to bed so, of course, I fought him, tooth and nail, trying to dress him.

I tried letting him dress himself.

I tried letting him pick out his own pajamas.

Nothing worked. I finally asked him why he had been pitching fits every night at bedtime.

He said, "I sleep in my underwear."

"You want to sleep in your underwear?!?"

"Yeah. My Thomas underwear."

I explained to him how he was going to get cold sleeping only in his underwear. He assured me he wouldn't.
I told him he wasn't getting up in the middle of the night to get in my bed when he got cold. He assured me he wouldn't.
I explained to him that if he got uncovered he would have to pull his covers up all by himself and that I wasn't getting up in the middle of the night to help. He assured me he could do it all by himself.

I agreed, reluctantly, knowing that I wasn't going to get to sleep all night, but I had to let him learn, right? Well, he slept all night. Every night except for one. That was only two nights ago. Then the night after that one, he wanted to start out in my bed because he was cold. I offered the pajamas again. He declined. I was worried that he would get all warm snuggled up to me and have to go get in his cold bed.

I asked him what would help. He answered me, "Make me wed and bawoo jammies like Baynen and Baine."

"You want me to make you pajama pants like Brayden's and Blaine's?

"Yeah. Wed and Bawoo....GO!!!!"

"You want me to get out of bed and go make you some now?"

"Yeah. Wed and Bawoo."

I told him that I had some red and blue flannel with mickey mouse on it. It was one yard, just enough for jammie pants for him. I found it a year ago when he was all into Mickey Mouse. There was only one yard left on the bolt and it was $2.00 But he would have to wait until the next day. He was excited about getting jammie pants the next day and went and got in his bed. He slept all night again and while he slept in yesterday morning I found a pattern here that would fit him. Since he is so little, I did have to alter the pattern a little before cutting it out. And then I dug through my fabric and found a solid red flannel left from my sister's years of sewing in college for her fashion merchandising degree. The pattern page had all the patterns from the book all over lapping on one page, so I got tissue paper left over from birthday/baby gifts and traced it. I got the pattern cut out before I had to get ready for work. I cut out the fabric after dropping Blaine off at ball practice in the afternoon. I finished up the hem after picking up Blaine from practice while supper was in the oven and while Blaine did his 15 minute reading assignment.

Bryson was waiting to try them on as soon as they were finished. And he was waiting in his underwear. And here they are in all their glory....

And here is how they work....

and here is how they work with the trains....

and here is how he models the red cuff at the bottom! I think he likes them! you recognize that red flannel?

And he is still sleeping!



Alison said...

You are made of awesome. I can't believe you made pajama pants in one day! :)

I routinely find that Nina has changed pajamas in the middle of the night. Usually after I've warned her that she will get too cold/hot with what she's gone to bed in.

nat said...

That Bryson is so stinkin' hilarious! Glad he now has some jammies he approves of to keep him warm.


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