Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Wedding Ring Is Off!

Yes, my wedding ring is off! Which is a good thing. My ring had gotten so tight on my finger that I couldn't even turn it, let alone get it off my finger. I lost a diamond out of it about 2 years ago and I told Stephen when I could get it off I was replacing the diamond.

I don't think I have mentioned on here that at the start of the year we started eating better. I started Weight Watchers with an anonymous friend and Stephen is doing I had told Stephen that it would make it a whole lot easier if he did it with me so I wasn't cooking a meal for me and bad food for everyone else like I have done before. It didn't last long that time and I gave up quickly. Stephen's is similar to Weight Watchers except you count calories and WW factors your calories, fat, and fiber and it figures into points that you receive so many based on your weight, height and age. Oh yeah...and his is free. But going to meetings with my anonymous buddy helps us both. And when I reach my goal weight mine will be free too!

Stephen met his goal weight this week (gag) with a weight loss of 20 pounds and is going to reward himself with a new ipod for when he is cleaning for my parents. My reward was my diamond in my ring which I wasn't expecting to get this soon. I still have a long way to go to reach my goal weight so I need to come up with some rewards for myself. Although today I will be going shopping for jeans.

Mom says it looks like something has moved out of my pants.

I have lost 14.5 so far and like I said before, I still have a long way to go. But we are making healthy changes and trying lots of new recipes. Which means the kids are eating healthy, too, and they have really liked a lot of our new things.

I will keep you all posted on how it is going but keep in mind from here on out it will be going slowly. I have gotten past that big weight loss jump and each week I lose a little less than 2 pounds. Hopefully I will get to my half way point in the next 3 weeks.

Maybe I will reward myself with a pedicure when I reach that point....

Me and my anonymous friend have lots of fun when we go to meetings. When we are there we like to look at each other and say things like, "Hi. My name is Sara, and I am addicted to chocolate." Then we get tickled and try not to laugh during class. Hey, if I have to limit my chocolate intake we have to make it fun, right?

I have had to take Bryson with me a couple of times and I pray I won't have to again. The first class he was okay. The second he had to go pee. So I took him to the bathroom. Then I took him again. Then by the third time I took him to "trickle" I finally figured it out.

He was saying to himself, "Here it comes, here it comes, it's gonna flush by itself!"

That was it. It was an automatic flushing toilet and he was completely amused. What didn't amuse me was our meeting was in a portable building behind a local church. I had to leave the portable, go a long way inside a dark church building that I have never been in before and back to the meeting. Do that 3 times during a 30 minute meeting and I am aggravated. Remember, I am paying to be there!

So I will keep you posted on the weight loss as need be. And as I come up with healthy recipes I will post them for you on Recipe Tuesday!


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nat said...

Congrats, girl! Looking good! Keep up the good work!


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