Monday, July 19, 2010


I got a few things done this weekend, but you sure can't tell by looking at my house! I got a few boxes packed up for Purple Heart to pick up today. I made 3 quarts of pickled banana peppers. I was a little disappointed in those....the recipe said it would make 6 quarts. Now that I have tried it, I know I can double the recipe, seeing how I could have done that Saturday. I have a HUGE pile of peppers on my kitchen table. I also cleaned and sliced 4 gallons of cucumbers and started my 14 day sweet pickles. And yes, it takes 14 days. The first week I just let them set in the salt water. Then the second week I have to do something to them every day. On the 14Th day I can and water bath them. That is when all the boys stand around and beg for pickles because they know how good they are!

Hopefully this evening I will get to can some of the tomatoes. They are starting to take over! And then there is the laundry. With the big boys gone for the past week I didn't have enough laundry to do. So I have waited for them to come home and now there is definitely enough to do!


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