Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Conversations with Bryson

Bryson: "Mommy, why does PawPaw have circle hair?"

Me: "What do you mean by circle hair?"

Bryson puts his hands up to his head making a circular motion around the outside of his head and says, "Like dis. PawPaw has hair like dis."

Me: "That's just how PawPaw gets his haircut."

He was referring to the fact that PawPaw has a bald spot!


We were getting ready to go somewhere the other day and I asked Bryson to go brush his hair. He comes back a few minutes later...

Bryson: "Does my hair look good Mommy?"

Me: "Well, it kinda looks like a comb over. Here let me help a little."

Bryson: "NO! I like my hair a comb ober!!!!

1 comment:

Candy said...

HAHAHA circle hair! Love it!!!


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