Thursday, June 9, 2011

Boys Are Gross

I have said it before, and I will say it again.....

Boys are GROSS!

The other day Bryson asked his daddy to put a train track together for him. It has been a couple of months since he has played with his trains. He has been on a Hot Wheels kick for a little while. His train tracks are sorted out in plastic tubs under his bed. Stephen put one together for him and left the plastic tub out. When I went in last night to put some clean clothes away, I went to slide the tub back under his bed to get it out of the way.

Let me explain a little first. Bryson is a snot head. Big time. I even call him that sometimes. I carry tissue around all the time because he sneezes so much. He was the inspiration behind the tissue holders I started sewing.

Several weeks ago I was putting him to bed. He reached over in the corner (he keeps a box up by his pillow in the corner against the wall) and grabbed a tissue. He blew his nose and before I could take it from him, he threw it behind the bed. This bed is not just any bed. It is the top bunk that went to Brayden and Blaine's bedroom set at one time. It is heavy. It takes me and Stephen both to move it. So when he threw that down there I explained that he couldn't do that because I couldn't get it out. I explained about how germy it is and all the nasty stuff growing there. He said okay and that was the end of that. Well, apparently he blows his nose in the middle of the night and has been throwing them down there ever since.

I just about threw up in my mouth. This is what I found.

I told him to go find his grabber. He was cleaning up all of it. He was so excited to get to use the grabber.
See how happy he looks? It didn't last long before I had to crawl under there and help. And that is when I found a half eaten bag of jelly beans and an open can of smokehouse almonds.

Why am I telling gross stories like this, you may wonder? Because one day they will have a girlfriend and I think it would be wonderful to let her read how weird her boyfriend may be. Just like his bother Blaine here, or his brother Brayden, here.

You just wait. Their time is coming....



nat said...

That is pretty gross. If you had a dog, the dog would probably take care of all those tissue for you. My dog loves to eat tissues. So strange.

Rose in Bloom said...

That is too funny! Don't you just love those little surprises that we get from our kids?

The Domestic Engineer said...

That's hilarious Sara. We cleaned out under Tristan's bed the other night and found an entire bunch of bananas that were rotten and stuck to other things. We also found broken glass. I don't get it, but all you can say is that boys ARE gross!

Kimberly Washer said...

That is soooo stinkin' funny!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not stop laughing!!!!!!


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