Monday, June 6, 2011

Conversations With Blaine

I repeat myself a lot around here. Waaaay too much, in fact. One thing I am always telling the boys is, "Don't put your cleats on in the house!" Blaine was getting ready for practice tonight and I look over at him. He is sitting in the living room putting on his cleats.

I said, "Don't put your cleats on in the house!"

Blaine says back to me, "Why? I always put my cleats on in the house."

I begin explaining to him (again), "I know you do! And I always tell you not to!"

Blaine proceeds to explain his reasoning to me and the argument starts, "They aren't dirty."

I take the bait, "They aren't dirty."

Blaine says, "No."

I tell him, "Okay then. Lick them."

Blaine gasps and says, "Lick them?!? That is gross! Why would I lick the bottom of my shoes?!?"

I proceed to explain MY reasoning with him, "Because they aren't dirty, remember? If they are clean, lick them. From the heel aaallll the way to the toe. On the sole. Go."

I guess he decided they were a "little" dirty because he waited until he got outside to put them on.



Kimberly Washer said...

Bahahaha that's hilarious!! That'll teach him!!

CJAlabama said...


nat said...

Love that stategy - very good. Hilarious!


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