Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Fun

Today the boys went outside to make water balloons. They had been waiting for the masons to finish the brick work and not long after they had their trucks loaded up and gone, the boys were outside. As soon as they got a bucket full filled with water balloons, someone else came to work for awhile on the addition. He had a saw and was cutting metal pieces of trim so they didn't need to be out there. So I decided to look up online how to make homemade play dough! It was a hit! There were several different recipes to choose from so I went with what I knew I had ingredients to make. After I finished cooking it (don't worry, it doesn't take long!) I set it aside to cool. Then I went outside in the driveway and set up the folding table. I covered it with waxed paper and taped it down. Then I went to get plastic gloves for them to wear so the food coloring wouldn't stain their hands. Oops. We didn't have any so I made them wear sandwich baggies on their hands! I thought that was very creative but they had a lot of stupid comments to share. But they lived. Every time a car went by they would hide their hands.

After the play dough was cool enough to handle I took it outside and added the food coloring. The boys squished and squeezed but the color wasn't mixing to well. I showed them how to knead the play dough like you would knead bread. That worked the best! Brayden didn't play for very long but he helped color the dough. I think he just came out to see how we were going to get that blob of "mashed potatoes" turned into play dough. After Bryson finished adding his color he made a few things and then was done. Blaine played until he got sent to his room for his attitude. But all in all they had fun while it lasted. And now we can put them in a plastic container to play with later! I made green (of course), Blaine made red, Bryson made blue and so did Brayden. When I noticed Brayden was making the same as Bryson I had him add red to make purple. We didn't need two of the same but for some reason I couldn't get anyone else to understand that!

Here is some of the conversations that went on while we were playing:

Me: "Bryson! That Stegosaurus looks awesome! Is it laying down asleep?"

Bryson: "Ummmm.......that's not a Stegosaurus. It's a Mohawk."

This was when Blaine was adding color to his. We made a divot in the middle so the color wouldn't run down the sides.

Blaine: "Look! I picked a scab!"

Me: "Blaine. Your nasty."


Brayden: "Don't take my picture."


Brayden: "Can I eat this?"

Me: "You sure can! But it won't taste good."


Brayden: "Mom, did I tell you I tasted the play dough?"

Me: "No."

Brayden: "Yeah. It was nasty."

I hope everyone has a fun and safe long weekend!


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nat said...

Sounds like a fun day. Love those conversations ya'll have! They crack me up!


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