Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is Not a Just a Recipe Blog!

Just letting you know. In case that is what you were thinking. We have been super busy. I know. Who hasn't right? Baseball will be over in a few weeks and maybe that will help. We have been so busy at work that I have had to start bringing my work home just to keep my head above water.

Oh, and about all the rain...sorry there has been so much. It seems like when both of the boys have games at the same time, different fields, or are over lapping somehow, we tend to pray for rain.

Ahem. Don't tell the coaches.



Joy said...

Hmmmm...so you're the reason it keeps raining? Next time I have a prayer request I 'll be sure to have you pray for it =)

gabgirl said...

have to admit...i might've said a little prayer DURING church on sunday that our 2:30 game (sunday afternoon make-up game) would be rained out~ :O)


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