Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Can't Believe I Forgot!

The Friday before Memorial Day was the boys' last day of school. They were supposed to go the two days after to make up for all the swine flu stuff but we got letters home from the teachers telling us they would be excused if we sent in a note. I took that as "don't bring your kids next week because we don't want to babysit them" and none of their friends were going. So I let them skip. They went to friends' houses and had two fun days hanging out. While I worked, of course.

The day before their last day I woke up early that morning and remembered that I had COMPLETELY forgot teacher gifts! I couldn't believe it! I had so much to remember the last two weeks. Every time I turned around someone needed money for this or had to bring chips for that. I thought I was going to pull my hair out! Not to mention all the ball games. I know you all are tired of hearing me say that...but it was getting crazy. I had ordered myself a necklace from which is now my FAVORITE website. It is even more addictive than facebook! I got myself a necklace with the boys' names on it. I had been looking at it for awhile and decided that since I am still trying to lose weight i didn't want to spend my mother's day money on clothes. It just so happened the lady I ordered it from lives in a town close to here and her kids go to school in town. I sent her a message on etsy and told her that I needed teacher gifts and asked her if she could help me out. And she was more that willing! We made plans to meet in town and about five minutes after I left my house she called and told me one of her kids were on the way to the E.R. and she couldn't meet me. She called a couple hours later to tell me we were going to try meeting again. Her child had a broken wrist and she still met me with my teacher gifts!
I forgot her website but if you go to and go down on the left side and click on shop local. Then enter huntsville, al and it will pull up everyone close to here. Her store name is moppetsclosets. Brayden's teacher got the Petite Domed Flower with her name stamped. Blaine's teacher got the You Are My Sunshine, and I got myself the open circle with pearls. I have received a lot of compliments. I have told several friends about and they all think it is addictive too! I like how you can see the items as they are listed. This is a website for all things handmade and vintage. You can search by a seller name, a topic, and even a color. I know. I am easily amused. But I think ya'll will like it so go check it out! I wish I had some space to make and sell stuff. Maybe one day!



Joy said...

i LOVE etsy, too! it IS highly addictivie =)

gabgirl said...

OMG, i have GOT to get "sweet pea" with the little green bead. that's always been my "handle" when i talked on the CB with my pawpaw!! :O) is that redneck or what?!?

the rambler said...

Love her stuff! Bet those teachers loved YOU!! :)

gabgirl said...

i am missing your posts, woman~


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