Saturday, August 1, 2009

Do You Know a Picky Eater?

I remembered seeing a chef on the Today show awhile back. I think that is where I saw it, anyway. I couldn't remember the name of the book, so I decided I would google this morning and try to find it. The first thing that popped up was it! I am so excited! There are several free recipes on the website and she has three books. It has recipes for Mac-n-cheese, brownies, spaghetti sauce and more with foods that are good for you hidden inside. I am going to make out my list and the next time I go to the grocery store, get the items I need to try some of these. And since I just went to the store it will be a couple of weeks before I go. Hopefully. But I will get my list together in case I have to make a quick run so I can go ahead and pick up these items.

Have I mentioned how excited I am?

I don't really have picky eaters around here, they just don't all like the same veggies. Except for the asparagus that has been ran into the ground. Way into the ground. Blaine is the pickiest of all...if I had to pick one. He doesn't eat green veggies well. They all love salad. But salad here is lettuce covered with Ranch dressing so does that even count as eating veggies ? I'm thinking no. You guys need to go check out this website. And as soon as I can get my hands on one of her books you will be the first to know!

Do you have picky eaters at your house? How do you get them to eat their veggies?



kara said...

i need this book. there ISN'T a veggie that i don't have to make luke eat. frustrating! let me know if you like the recipes!

gabgirl said...

this is TOTALLY what the infamous kate (jon & kate plus 8) does when she cooks EVERYTHING. she blends up the veggies & throws them into everything she cooks. she should've WROTE this book~


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