Sunday, October 18, 2009


Yesterday ended up being a bad day for the pumpkin patch. It was a rainy, windy, and only 42 degrees. Not pouring rain...just a misty drizzly day. Not enough for an umbrella but enough to get wet and make you even colder. We didn't stay long at all. We had just had on capri's and flip flops two days before so unfortunately I had not even had time to dig out hats and gloves and boy did I regret that!!

We went to visit the farm animals first. There were puppies this year. I have no idea how many there were because they wouldn't even wake up. We whistled. We yelled. We clapped. They were not at stupid as all of us, as they were snuggled up together in their dog house snoozing away! The llama was too busy eating which is probably best since they like to spit. The goats weren't interested in us either. A couple were eating but one was standing on a hay bail trying not to fall off because he was sleeping. I don't know if all goats sleep standing up or if this one decided to do it for show. The pigs snorted twice and that was enough to make Bryson giggle. I think his favorite was the bunnies. He was so excited to see them. He kept trying to kiss it's nose and one he tried to snuggle his rear end. He didn't understand why I kept saying, "Don't kiss the bunny! Don't snuggle his rear end!"

Then we headed to the corn crib since it was in a shed type area blocking the wind and misty stuff. I think we all liked that the best! We could stay a little warmer and the little ones weren't going to dare run off. The tractors weren't even running the hay rides to pick the pumpkins. That was a little disappointing. We got to "pick" our pumpkin from the shelves of already picked pumpkins so we did get to bring one home. Bryson also picked out little decorative pumpkins for Brayden and Blaine. We also found one for Grandma Boo called a "Baby Boo" pumpkin. It is tiny enough to fit in the palm of my hand and is white. He was so excited when I told him the name of it.

I don't think the kids were as disappointed as the grown ups. They all whined when we left. I guess since all of them were small, except for Tara, they didn't remember getting to go on a hayride and eating grilled corn. We all decided together that next Saturday it will probably be 80 degrees! That will be our luck.

The motto for Alabama is "If you don't like the weather, stick around a day or two and it will change!" And boy is it true!

We all left early. We were all going to meet up at the Rosenblum's house later anyway for the pumpkin carving and cook out. We had a great time. They are always wonderful hosts' letting us bring in all these crazy kids into their home. We always have a great time with our church group and we never get to have enough get togethers! I wish we could do it more often.



Ken Row said...

Grandma Boo? Is that my Aunt Boo? For some reason I thought she was getting away from that name.

Sara said...

That's her K.C.! But no one else calls her that down here except my boys and of course, dad. Dad will call her across the room by that name and people say, "What did you just call her?" Then we have a lot of explaining to do!

nat said...

Girl - you know they give a weather forecast everyday! Sorry you were so cold! Maybe next year's trip will be warmer!


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