Monday, October 19, 2009

Love This!

So I have been going through these quilts in the Blogger Quilt Festival. I have found one that I HAVE to have. I even emailed the maker and asked her to send it to me for Christmas! When I checked my email the other day there was a response from her!!! She politely told me that if I was waiting by the mailbox holding my breath, I really should stop because she wasn't sending it to me. Well then. I was really sad but I told her I understood and we could still be friends.

But what else would I have expected from a total stranger?
Click here to see her awesome quilt. And yes, part of the reason I like it so much is because it is green. I think most of you know that already, but just in case Candy didn't know, there ya go. Any who, so now I am on a quest. A quest to collect the selvage edge from all different fabrics. Selvages of any length. A good inch to two inches from the edge would be great. My only problem is I have one friend that I know sews and I contacted her immediately. So if you sew, or you have friends that sew, or if you have friends that have friends that sew, I want the selvages.

Give them to me and no one gets hurt.

You are going to throw them away, anyhow. You will never use them, and you know you would never get around to making one of these yourselves! You are too busy so don't even try it! Thanks!



one BleSSed gal! said...

who would've thought that would make an awesome quilt?! i love some creativity =) my mom is about to get cranked up on some sewing projects for meg so i'll pass the request along to her!

Candy said...

And yes I do know how much you love green! That's why I made you buy those other colored shirts...tired of seeing you in the same color. You look good in that blue/green and pumpkin one! Venture out my friend :)

Terra said...

Ok - dumb question, but what are the selvages? Is that the edge where there's writing on the fabric? If so, I'll ask my grandma if she will save any she has for you. She quilts all the time, but doesn't use those. What a neat idea! Also, how 'bout asking local fabric stores? They might be more than happy to sell you the end that most customers wouldn't want :)

Sara said...

Thanks Joy!

Terra~that is correct! That is awesome!


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