Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today's the Day!

Today we are going with our church group to Tate's Farm! We love going every year. I'm not sure how much we are going to love it this time with the cold, wet weather and Brayden and Blaine missing. But they are going to the Alabama game with their dad so I know they will be having fun. I just have this really bad feeling they are going to forget their coats, seeing how their dad is anti-coat/jacket.

After Tate's Farm we will be going to the Rosenblum's house for a cook out and pumpkin carving. I won't be carving my pumpkin there. I am waiting until later. You really think I could do a master piece with a bunch of little kids running around? And I can't let someone beat me at the pumpkin carving contest at church. We won't have none of that!

I made the Caramel Brownies that I posted about here. I have not made them in years and only made it once or twice. I thought I would make it to take this afternoon. So I bought the caramels last night and of course it doesn't tell on the bag how many are in the bag. So I tried to count and decided to just get three bags. Well, it took 1 1/4 bags so now I have all those caramels staring me in the face. And then to top it all off, they had apparently rode to Target in a warm truck. So when I tried to unwrap all 60 caramels (this would have been Blaine's job but yet again, he is at his dad's house) it was apparent that they had melted and reshaped themselves into weird shapes which made the wrappers hard to remove. So the wrappers tore and shredded as I unwrapped. I was afraid I wouldn't have time to make them this morning but I did and have time to post this before jumping in the shower. Yay me!

I just took them out of the oven so I have got to get moving this morning. I will hopefully post pictures soon. I know, I never posted the pictures from Gatlinburg. I just haven't had time. I spent all day yesterday cleaning out my closet and getting all the things of mine ready to take to the consignment shop. I wanted to get it done last weekend right before it got cold like yesterday so I would have a better chance of selling, but Stephen talked me into helping him last weekend and I got nothing on my 'to do' list finished.

Next week will be the time to pick up my check from here and I am SOOO hoping that I racked up! Time will tell.

Have a great weekend!



Ken Row said...

Sara, if you're going to brag about your mad pumpkin-carving skills, you're going to have to post some photos to back up your claims...

Sara said...

K.C.~I did last year but I will try to go back and find a picture for you and post it!

Ken Row said...

I just now found the pic of your Sarah Palin pumpkin. I'd searched your blog for "pumpkin", but only the most recent post come up. To find the pic, I clicked "2008" in the sidebar and scrolled through the results until I found the October posting.

Candy said...

You just wait until you see my pumpkin. We will def have a fight over that first place ribbon again this year. I was the one last year that shared first place with you! AND those brownies were delicious. I secretly wanted to eat another one last night, but held out!


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