Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Less Words Wednesday

I changed my title a little bit for today because I have to explain the pictures I am sharing with you. Some of you have already seen this on Facebook, so sorry to bore you.

When it snowed last week I thought I should go out and take pictures of the boys in the snow. You never know....they may be married with their own kids the next time we get a blizzard like that again! :) I thought since I am always the one taking the pictures and I am never in any, I would take one of myself with Brayden.

Little did I know that he was armed with a snowball and just as I snapped the photo he shoved it in my mouth.

Sixth grade humor. Got love it.

Blaine and his snowman. Look closely. In front of his right knee. Do you see it? Some of you would call it a snowball, but I guess it falls into the category of "is your cup half full or half empty?" It IS a snowman.

Bryson in his redneck snowsuit.

I hope you enjoyed your snow!



Kiwi said...

I love the pics you posted :) I took a couple of pictures, nothing special but I DID video my girls having a snowball fight. That was fun! I hate that our kids have never had a good snow. We had a couple of really good ones when I was growning up.....3-4ft. deep in the 80's.

Ken Row said...

Y'all just need to come up north for a while -- we have plenty here.

one BleSSed gal! said...

love this post. boy humor, optimism & favorite things =)


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